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VOIP not working after installing TMG 2010

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we have recently deployed a TMG 2010 server in our network.We have configured it for VOIP by using Configure VOIP option in TMG but it is not working.We are using Vonage box for VOIP.It is connected to our core switch that is connected to TMG and then Router i.e

Vonage Box->Cisco 3560 Switch -> TMG -> Cisco 1801 Router

The Data traffic and internet is working for internal PCs connected to core switch.

I have configured VOIP by selecting "IP phones are connected directly to external hosted IP PBX" and provided External and internal in subsequent screens for configuring "External IP PBX server" and "Internal SIP Phone Network Addresses" respectively.But it is not working and vonage is displaying "Check if ur Internet is down".However internet is working on PCs.

Plz guide me where am I wrong or how to configure TMG to allow Vonage VOIP.

asked Feb 13, 2013 by anonymous  
retagged Apr 20, 2013

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Thank you for the post.

In order for TMG to publish an internal PBX there are a few limitations / requirements from the external clients:

  1. They must receive SIP traffic on port 5060

  2. The client cannot be behind NAT

  3. The client needs to be able to handle media sent from a different port then specific in the SDP section of the SIP message.

And the following articles may help you to configure the Voip:

answered Feb 13, 2013 by anonymous  
selected Feb 13, 2013 by sarwana