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New mail notifications for Outlook additional mailboxes

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I use multiple mailboxes in Outlook.

My primary mailbox is

But I also have additional mailboxes e.g.,

Now whenever I get a mail in my inbox,, I get a notification - a small blue box with the topic and name of sender is displayed on the lower right corner of my monitor for a few seconds.

Is it possible to apply that form of alert to other mailboxes, like

I want to make clear though, I can't just autoforward the mails from that inbox to my own. it would create more problems than solutions to mix the inboxes like that.

I've attempted to look through the possible settings on the inbox '' can't seem to find anywhere to turn on notifications or alerts.

asked Oct 3, 2012 by anonymous  
retagged Apr 19, 2013

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Issue description: Desktop Alert didn’t work for additional mailboxes

Per my researching, there’s no possibility to accomplish that other than primary mailbox. Could you describe how you are able to work manually? (“I can also run the rules manually and it works like a charm”)

The only way to achieve this function would be self-programmed COM Addin or certain rules, here’re two possible solutions for you:

  1. Get alert by rules:
    a. On the additional mailboxes, create a rule that fires on all incoming emails
    b. The rule should be a server side rule and should have the server send a notification email to your primary mailbox
    c. Then, on the primary mailbox you create another rule that display a desktop alert and deletes all of these incoming notification emails [Client-Only rule]

  2. Write a small COM Addin that checks if a new mail arrived at the additional mailboxes. As soon as the Com Addin find a new email, you can either send a notification email to the primary mailbox saying that a new mail arrived, or you could show a kind of message box or popup showing that the new email arrived

Notes: The following KB articles will help you to create it:

answered Oct 3, 2012 by anonymous  
selected Jul 2, 2013 by sarwana
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answered Oct 3, 2012 by anonymous  
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According to this page this possibility is available in Outlook 2010:

Are either the primary or secondary Exchange accounts running in Cached Exchange Mode? If the second account is in Cached Mode, then you will see the new email notifications.

Unfortunately this option does not exist in Outlook 2007. Here is a blog post that suggests a workaround using VBA:

It doesn’t look or behave the same as the built-in notification, but it is functional. The solution is to use a bit of scripting to monitor the additional mailbox’s inbox, watch for new items, and display a pop-up dialog-box when it detects one. The dialog-box is a standard Windows’ dialog, not the slick-looking notification that Outlook uses. The dialog doesn’t fade in and out, nor does it offer the ability to open or delete the message as Outlook’s notification dialog does. It will steal focus and you have to click a button to make it go away.

answered Oct 3, 2012 by anonymous